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Nineteen years ago, a mysterious computer virus infected the homeworld of the self-replicating Dr. Newman prototype machines. It destroyed all sentient life on the planet's surface, and it marshaled the world's vast computational resources toward the construction of quadrillions of identical crude drawings of what can only be described as "smiley faces."

Sealed away in the Deep Alcove, the tenth experimental intelligence (known as the A.I.-J) underwent its first cold start boot up procedure.

Cove Kid is a game about manipulating the world around you. Your drone companion has the ability to select a 3x3 section of the level, and then project it onto different surfaces with its beam.

This is a demo build with 25 puzzles in total. If you enjoy playing it, I plan to expand the concept further by making this into a non-linear Metroidvania style world.

I am currently looking for feedback on the gameplay and puzzles. What did you enjoy? What did you find frustrating? How far did you get? Please leave your comments, and I will respond to them.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Spacebar - Jump
  • D - Enter selection mode / Shoot your shoot selection
  • S - Cancel out of selection mode
  • Z - Undo previous move
  • Up Arrow - Point gun upward
  • R - Pivot right without moving
  • W - Pivot left without moving

Gamepad Controls:

  • A - Jump
  • X - Enter selection mode / Shoot your selection
  • B - Cancel out of selection mode
  • Right Shoulder 1 - Pivot right without moving
  • Left Shoulder 1 - Pivot left without moving
  • Left Shoulder 2 - Undo previous move

Skipping Levels: If you get stuck on any of the levels in this early version of the game, you can just go to the beta test menu in the upper toolbar, and then click on Skip Level. There is also an option to go to the Previous Level. 

OS Version Compatibility: The current build only works on Mac OS 10.14 (Catalina) and above. In the future, it will be available on additional platforms and platform versions.

Music and Sound Effects by Chuck Honeycutt. Artwork by Hau Tran.

Enjoy playing!


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I love the graphics!

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Hau Tran. Hire him. He's been wonderful to work with, and he's more than a graphic artist. He has useful feedback on the game design itself